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Lafer Recliner Chair Features from Lafer Recliner Dealer Accurato

Why Choose a Lafer Recliner?

According to our customers, the best recliner brand is the Lafer Recliner Chair brand from Brazil Every Lafer Recliner Chair has an adjustable headrest, retractable footrest, and reclines back to 170 degrees.  Choose from 360 degree swivel base or fixed base models.  Strict quality control of Lafer Leather Recliners ensures tasteful furniture, made with high quality materials and finishes to last a lifetime.  A Lafer Leather Recliner Chair is an investment in quality, style and comfort and they are the best recliner chair brand that our company has been able to find.

Compact Design. Great for condos, small spaces, yachts, even RV’s!

Lafer recliners are compact in design and when closed become an elegant modern lounge chair.  When reclined they provide ideal comfort in various different positions. Lafer Recliner Chairs have a sophisticated fully adaptable adjustment system that adapts to every person's needs.

Elegant Modern Design Recliners

No longer are you limited to overstuffed “space hog” recliners without any sense of style!  Each Lafer Recliner takes up a minimum of space and is beautifully tailored in a modern style that coordinates with luxury modern interior design concepts.

Patented Retractable Footrest is an exclusive device from Lafer Recliners of Brazil

It remains totally invisible when closed, releasing room in front of the recliner. No need for footstools.

Ergonomic Recliner Design

The ergonomic design of the Lafer recliner chairs work to alleviate back pain and can even improve one's posture. Leaving its possessor feeling refreshed and restored, this chair encompasses unique style with infinite position capabilities that offer the occupant the ability to raise their feet above the heart, lessening the pressure on the spine and relieving the body of muscle tension experienced after an eventful day.  One can comfortably slide into multiple reclining positions that are easily set by a slight touch of your fingertips. The whole body remains in the correct position for total relaxation when you sit, lie down, work, watch TV or sleep.  Weight capacity up to 330 pounds.

Perfect for very tall persons too

The optional footrest extension can be ordered to match all Lafer Recliners and is integrated to the recliners structure, offering total support for very tall persons' legs and feet.


They're perfectly adjusted for you.

Demi Recliner Chair Lafer Recliner Chair   Ergonomic Recliner Kiri Lafer Reclining Chairs

Lafer developed a sophisticated and innovative fully adaptable adjustment system controlled by smooth and easy-to-use devices that adapt quickly, easily and perfectly to your body:

Retractable footrest; adjustable headrest angle

• Backrest inclination from 90º (seated) to 170º (sleeping position)

• Ergonomic accessories available – laptop table, led lamp, footrest extension

The fully adaptable adjustment systems have been developed by Lafer of Brazil over the past 20 years to provide the best experience a reclining chair can offer, whether in an active position, such as talking, reading, watching TV, working with a laptop, or in a position of pure relaxation, rest or sleep.

Headrest support adjustment

Position your head in the exact position you need - higher for watching TV or lower for sleeping. Adjust headrest or return to original position with a touch of your fingertips.

Articulate armrests

The armrests follow the backrest movement and give arms and elbows full support and comfort from sitting upright to a sleeping position.

Full 360º swivel on specific models (not included on stationary frame models)

The footrest always stays in front of the seat, following the recliner to swivel in any direction, even when reclined.  Non-sliding base will not scratch or damage the floor.

Optional power adjustments available by special order at the factory

Perfect when you need total comfort with minimum effort, the powered recliners have the same functions as the manual recliners, but are operated by motors and independent buttons. 

High Quality Materials

Each Lafer Recliner is upholstered in 100% top grain leather that acclimates quickly to your body temperature and is resistant to stains.  Shop­ping for a qual­ity piece of leather fur­ni­ture means accepting noth­ing less than 100% top grain leather. Top grain leather is best suited to upholstery because it is the strongest and most durable part of the hide, yet it is soft and supple. If properly cared for, top grain leather upholstery should last indefinitely.  Padded chair sections contain a flame-retardant foam fill with additional foam inserts in critical areas for superb ergonomic comfort.

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